It’s Toxic Magazine’s 300th issue! Find out more about what Toxic Magazine is and how to get it!

Get a sneak peek below!

Filled with fun features, great competitions, giant pull-out posters, cartoons, amazing facts and hilarious gags, Toxic Magazine has it all!

Each issue of Toxic opens sneak peeks at the latest movies, news, and games – and is packed with hilarious comics like ‘Team Toxic’ and ‘Ruined Ronaldo!’

Whether it’s Pokémon or FIFA, Minecraft or superheroes, Toxic has the latest gossip about the biggest toys and loads of activities to make your reading even more fun.

This issue is all about superheroes and marks a special landmark – their 300th issue!

In this issue, they’ve got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jokes, news about the Hulk, and Black Panther!

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There’s also a look at the new Early Man movie, the chance to win a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey, and an iPad with Paddington!

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