Anna-Louise’s Fun Kids Five… Things about living on a farm!

From cockerels to collecting eggs!

The summer is here which means Anna-Louise has a special holiday show every week day from 10am!

It’s a show full to the brim with awesome tunes and super stories plus the all new Fun Kids Five…

On every show, Anna-Louise will be counting down her top fives on a different theme.

Today she’s talking all about her mini-farm.

That’s right, Anna-Louise looks after loads of horses, chickens and sheep when she’s not on Fun Kids!

She’s picked the 5 best things about living on a mini-farm…


5. Waking up to hear the cockerel crowing

It’s better than any alarm clock we’ve ever used!

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4: Watching my dog round up the sheep

Someone has got to keep those wooly characters in check!


3. Collecting eggs

Whether having them for breakfast or baking a cake, hand picked eggs always taste better!


2. Training my horses

Taking the horses for a hack and getting them trained up is always good fun!


1. Baby animals!

Is there anything cuter in all the world than baby farm animals?!

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