Anna-Louise’s Fun Kids Five… Top picnic foods!

Get that blanket out!

The summer is here which means Anna-Louise has a special holiday show every week day from 10am!

It’s a show full to the brim with awesome tunes and super stories plus the all new Fun Kids Five…

On every show, Anna-Louise will be counting down her top fives on a different theme.

Today it’s the best of the best picnic foods!

The sort of things a trip to the park can’t do without.


5. Sausage Rolls

Pastry AND meat! What’s not to love?!


4. Crisps

If there’s a flavour I don’t like then I am yet to find it.


3. Olives

This is one that really divides people… and I am a huge fan of the olive!


2. Cheese Sandwiches

This is an absolute classic. A big slab of cheddar between two bits of bread, yum!


1. Strawberries & cream

The perfect way to top off all those savoury treats!

What’s your fave picnic food?

Let us know in the comments below!

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