Anna-Louise’s Fun Kids Five… Summer Sports!

The best ways to get active in the holidays!

The summer is here which means Anna-Louise has a special holiday show every week day from 10am!

It’s a show full to the brim with awesome tunes and super stories plus the all new Fun Kids Five…

On every show Anna-Louise will be counting down her top fives on a different theme.

First up it’s her top 5 summer sports!


5. Trampolining

In at 5 it’s the bouncey brilliance of the trampoline!


4. Volleyball

Is there anything better to do on the beach than a game of volleyball? (Apart from maybe eating loads of ice cream and fish & chips)


3. Horse-riding

The summer is perfect for a hack through the country!


2. Swimming

It’s been super hot recently so cooling off in a the pool is always welcome!


1. Flow-riding

If you’ve not heard of flow-riding before then you’re missing out! It’s basically a great big wave machine that you surf on (and it’s the most fun ever)!

Tomorrow the Fun Kids Five is the ultimate five ice cream flavours… Don’t miss it!

Tune into Anna-Louise’s Holiday Show every day from 10am!

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