Steven Butler and Bex chat about the new Nothing To See Here Hotel book!

Hear them chat below!

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At 5:30pm on Thursday, 28th March 2019, Bex spoke to Steven Butler!

He’s back with a brand new book!

The Nothing To See Here Hotel is a hotel, but just for magical creatures!

In this hotel where weird is normal, the story follows Frankie Banister who runs the hotel with his parents.

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In the story, Frankie Banister and his family are preparing to celebrate Grandad Abraham’s 175th birthday – an occasion that’s going to be even more HONKHUMPTIOUS now that Abe’s ghost has shown up.

When the unexpected spook reveals a secret UNDERWATER wing of the hotel that’s been hidden away for years, the Banister’s decide there’s only one thing for it… a whopping welcome home bash in the spectacular BRINY BALLROOM.

But memories aren’t the only things waiting at the bottom of the ocean…

Secrets and sea monsters are lurking in the shadows, and is everything as it seems with Grandad Abraham’s ghost? Or is there something fishy going on?

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