QUIZ: What’s your dance troupe?

You’ll find this story in the latest issue of Girl Talk Magazine!


Do you watch the The Next Step and dream of dancing like Emily and Michelle?logo-150x150

They’re two of the pupils at The Next Step Dance Studio in Canada!

In the latest issue of Girl Talk Magazine you can take our quiz to find out your best dance style!

What’s your dance troupe?

1. Which of these statements sounds just like you?

a) I’m organised and disciplined.

b) I’m creative and have loads of energy.

c) I like trying new things and I’m a quick learner.


2. How do you feel when you get sweaty in PE class?

a) Ewww – I totally hate it!

b) It doesn’t bother me, as long as I have fun.

c) Happy that I’ve worked really hard!


3. Which of these The Next Step characters are you most like?

a) Chloe
b) Tiffany
c) Emily


4. Which hairstyle would you most like to wear?  

a) A smooth bun.

b) Some cool braids or bunches.

c) A half up, half down style.


5. Pick the dance move you would love to master!

a) Pirouette

b) Locking

c) Split leap


Now see how you scored!

Mostly As

Born for ballet!

You’re organized and disciplined, which is why ballet is your perfect dance match.

*Dance tip

Practice gentle stretching exercises every day, as ballet dancers need to be strong and supple!

*Dance style

Wear a leotard with tights and ballet shoes for lessons and costumes such as tutus, for the shows.


Mostly Bs

Street dance diva!

This type of dance is really energetic and some of the steps can be complicated, but it’s heaps of fun!

*Dance tip

Watch music videos for inspiration or search for lessons for beginners on the internet – there’s lots to try.

*Dance style

Get your groove on in a loose-fitting t-shirt with leggings or joggers and trainers.

Mostly Cs

Contemporary queen!

This is a mixture of different types of dance styles, such as ballet and modern with a bit of gymnastics too!

*Dance tip

Practice what moves you can do on the floor – it’s not all about standing up!

*Dance style

Leggings and a t-shirt with split sole jazz shoes so you can really flex those feet!  


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