FILMCLUB’s Comedy Christmas Season


This Christmas FILMCLUB have put together a brilliant comedy Christmas season to get you laughing over the festive period!

Here’s what films they recommend to get you giggling this Christmas:



Elf  (2003) (U)

It’s never easy finding out that you’re not who you thought you were – but that’s exactly what happens to Buddy the Elf. Having spent his whole life in the North Pole working for Santa Claus with his fellow elves, he learns that he was in fact adopted by his elf father – and if that wasn’t enough, he finds out that he’s human too! Shocked and confused, Buddy sets off to New York to track down his real father – beginning a magical, funny Christmas adventure that elves and humans will love.


Home AloneHome Alone (1990) (PG)

This is a film about one of the scariest things that could ever happen – and also one of the most exciting. Kevin is an eight-year-old whose parents manage to leave him behind by accident when they fly to France for the Christmas holidays. All by himself, he has to think fast when two burglars try to break into the family home. Fortunately, Kevin is great at inventing traps, and the two criminals are extremely stupid.


Arthur ChristmasArthur Christmas (2011) (U)

How does Santa deliver so many presents in a single night? The answer’s revealed in this animated fantasy that gives a hugely amusing twist to the magic of Christmas. Made by Aardman, the animators behind Wallace & Gromit, this colourful tale sees the Claus family and their army of elves working hard at the North Pole to keep their ultra-high-tech operation running smoothly. But when the Christmas Eve gift drop finally takes place, and one little girl is accidentally missed out, only Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, seems bothered. So helped by his granddad, Arthur borrows an old sleigh, and together the reluctant heroes embark on a race to set things right before morning.


Charlie BrownA Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) (U)

What is Christmas really about? That is the question Charlie Brown tries to answer in the first of these classic cartoons. As usual with unlucky Charlie, he has a miserable time before he finds what is he is looking for. The great thing about Charlie, Snoopy, Linus and the gang is how they feel all the things real people do sadness, jealousy, confusion and happiness and are funny with it. It’s Christmastime Again is just as good.


Christmas CarolThe Muppet’s Christmas Carol (1993) (U)

Kermit, Gonzo and the rest of the Muppet gang appear in this fun musical take on the classic Charles Dickens story. Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly and bitter old man with no thought for anyone but himself. One Christmas Eve he is visited by three ghosts – the spirits of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come – who each show him the error of his ways. The well-known tale is given a Muppet twist here – with Gonzo even “playing” Charles Dickens!


Nightmare BeforeThe Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) (PG)

Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, a place where residents are employed to scare humans every Halloween. Jack, despite being idolised for his scaring skills, is bored of his lot in life. One day he takes a stroll into the woods and discovers several doorways, each leading to a different human holiday. He enters into the world of Christmas, and is so overwhelmed by the fun and goodwill that he decides to embark on a plan to kidnap santa and do Christmas himself, Halloween Town style!


March of the wooden soldiersLaurel and Hardy – March of the Wooden soldiers  (1934) (U)

Of course Laurel & Hardy have a Christmas movie! And this is it. The duo play a pair of toymakers in Toyland. Unfortunately they’re not very good at their job and when Santa tells them to make 600 one foot high soldiers, they make 100 six foot high soldiers instead. Their mini army isn’t much use as gifts, but they do come in handy when Little Bo Peep needs to be defended from hoards of invading furry bogeymen. Classic Christmas fun.


The Shop Around the CornerThe Shop Around the Corner (1940) (U)

Gift shop assistant Alfred doesn’t like the newly hired Klara, and she feels exactly the same way about him. So when the professional rivals are ordered to work together, they argue continuously, leaving Alfred wondering why all women can’t be like the sweet female pen-pal he’s fallen for, though never met. What neither realizes is that this anonymous cutie and Klara are actually the same person until a shocked Alfred makes the connection. Keeping the knowledge secret, he tries to get Klara to fancy him in the flesh, while colleagues around him tackle their own complicated lives.



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