Into Film’s Sophie meets the stars of Divergent!


Based on the hit novel, the movie adaptation of Divergent comes to DVD this week!

With it’s futuristic themes and teen heroine, Divergent is a must see for fans of The Hunger Games and Sci-Fi cinema!

Into Film reporter Sophie chatted to Oscar-winner actor Kate Winslet about what it’s like to play the bad guy for once and her advice for budding actors.

Sophie said, “Because I’m such a big fan of the books it was amazing to hear what Kate Winslet had to say about it and about her character and what this film really means to her because she’s done so many movies and it was great to hear that from her.”

Watch the video here:

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The teen also caught up with rising stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James – who play Tris and Four – and the film’s director Neil Burger, about making the action-packed film.

Watch the video here:

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“It was so exciting and an incredible opportunity to meet the cast. It really brought the film to life. Meeting them was completely different to what I had expected.”

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