Amy’s Aviation: SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird: Top 5 Facts

The SR-71 Blackbird definitely wins the Fun Kids award for Coolest Looking Plane!

Here’s 5 facts about the SR-71:

1. It’s Fast!

The Blackbird currently holds a world speed record!

It travelled from the West of America to the East in just 64 minutes. That is roughly a speed of 2,185 miles an hour. Slightly faster than your parents car.

2. It’s Secretive!

When the Blackbird was being made it was a top secret mission in both the UK and the USA so nobody found out about it.

3. It’s really fast!

The Blackbird is one of the few planes in the world that can outrun missiles!

4. You know it’s there!

Despite looking a bit like a stealth jet, it’s very easy to see on radars.

This is because it’s so quick that radar can see the heat from its exhausts.

5. It’s basically a space craft!

As the plane flies so high, the pilots need to wear space suits to fly it!

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