Amy’s Aviation: The Harrier Jump Jet

Harrier Jump Jet: Top 5 Facts

The Harrier Jump Jet is one of the most famous jet planes in the world! It’s very special because it doesn’t need a runway to take off. It just shoots straight up in to the air!

Here’s 5 facts about the Harrier:

1. It’s actually quite old!

The Sea Harrier was first used in 1978 and was still in action until 2006!

2. Other people loved it too!

As well as the British Navy using the Harrier, the Indian Navy also took a shine to it and used the FRS51 version.

3. Its first mission!

The first real mission that the Harrier flew was in 1981 and launched from the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible.

4. It’s smart!

The Harrier FA2 had the Blue Vixen radar system which is what the radar system in the Eurofighter Typhoon is based on.

5. It’s actually a little bit slow!

The Harrier is a sub-sonic plane. This means that it can’t fly faster than the speed of sound.

The reason this didn’t matter is because of it’s amazing ability to hover and take off without a runway!


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