U is for Useful Things

What can you find around the house?

When you look around your house, you’ll see lots of useful things – bookcases and fridges, comfortable sofas and cosy beds.  But did you know that even some rubbish can be useful?  Therefore, before you throw stuff in the bin, have a think – might this be something useful?

For example, whilst vegetable peelings and teabags might look all mucky but they’re useful on the compost heap.

And padded packets that you might receive in the post – they might look like rubbish but are also really useful!  Keep them and next time you have something fragile to post, you can re-use it rather than buying a new one!

And once you have finished off your favourite jam, clean out the jar and its lid, and then you can use it a container for things like spices, beans and sugar, as well as your marbles and pencils.

Newspaper and Leaflets

Never throw away old newspapers and leaflets

If you have a small pet such as hamsters, rabbits or guinea pig, you could shred any paper and cardboard to make cosy bedding for them.

Otherwise you can use paper on your compost heap or place it in a recycling bin.

Using stuff to make your own Christmas cards and displays

Give your home some added sparkle by creating your own cards and displays.

Handmade cards

Making your own Christmas cards is great fun.  All you need to make your own cards is:

  • Plain coloured card
  • Some coloured glitter
  • Glue
  • Colouring pencils, crayons or felt tips
  • Anything else that looks festive and takes your fancy!

Start by cutting and folding the card – remember to ask mum or dad to help cut the cardboard.

Next, draw simple outlines of Christmas themed items such as Christmas trees, Christmas puddings, snowflakes or snowmen and then decorate them with your colouring pencils and glitter.

Christmas card displays

There are dozens of interesting ways to display your Christmas cards. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, you could display your cards by attaching a piece of string to each end and simply hanging your cards over the top.   Adding some holly and festive candles can help give it extra Christmas cheer.

What to do with Christmas cards after Christmas

Always remember to recycle your old Christmas cards using your cardboard recycling bin or the one at your local recycling centre.

Alternatively, some charities run recycling schemes so it’s worth finding out if a cause close to your heart could benefit from your old cards.

You can also save any cards which don’t have writing on the back of the picture by simple cutting the card along the fold and sticking the front cover to a new piece of folded card. Make sure you recycle the other half (with the message on it)

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