What’s the difference between a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector?

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At home we have a smoke alarm that sometimes go off when we are cooking.

What’s the difference between a smoke alarm and a Carbon Monoxide alarm – aren’t they the same thing?

They have a few things in common and some types of alarm units can detect both smoke and Carbon Monoxide. But they keep us safe in very different ways.

You’ve probably set the smoke alarm off by accident when cooking bacon or making toast.

Sensors in these alarms are triggered by the smoke particles rising into the air around us.

f a smoke alarm goes off, make sure the house is properly checked.

Opening windows and clearing the smoke is also a good idea. But a carbon monoxide alarm works differently.

Without the Carbon Monoxide alarm, you’d never know it was present – possibly putting you and your family at risk. So it’s vital, you pay attention if it ever goes off.

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