Fun Kids’ Guide to Xiamen

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The Chinese city of Xiamen

Xiamen means “A Gate of China”

It’s a 14 hour flight from Birmingham Airport via the German city of Frankfurt.


Xiamen  means ‘a gate of China’!   It’s pretty appropriate since this is where boats have arrived in China for hundreds of years.  There’s some great wildlife in this city – you’ll see thousands of egrets – that’s a bird that belongs to the Heron family – all over Xiamen.   They’re everywhere, like a much prettier pigeon!  Make sure you get a photo for your scrapbook!


Nanputuo Temple, which is at the foot of the Wulaofeng or ‘Mountain of Five Old Men’, has had a bit of a mixed history. Chinese emperors couldn’t make their minds up whether to rebuild it or smash it up! It was built in the Tang Dynasty, then destroyed during the Ming Dynasty but rebuilt by Qing Emperor Kangxi! The food is great here too. My tip would be to try the vegetarian food – famous for its colour, taste and poetic names.


I also went to see a Minnan Puppet Show! This isn’t your standard puppet show here either! This is something special! The puppets are very complicated with head, shoulders, waist, hands and feet all jointed and controlled by the puppeteer to perform highly popular folk stories.

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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