Amazon Threats: Caiman

There's a brand new book in the The Worst-Case Scenario series out now called Amazon!

WorseCaseScenarioAmazonThere’s a brand new book in the The Worst-Case Scenario series out now called Amazon!

Published by Chronicle Books, these books are really exciting because you’re the main character!

This time you’re exploring the Amazon jungle with a group of students. Safe to say in a place like this you’re going to end up in some dangerous situations that will require your quick thinking to get through them safely.

You’ll definitely find things tough though. There are twenty-two endings to this adventure, but just ONE will lead to the ultimate success!

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And to help you handle the dangers of the Amazon, we’ve put together some factfiles on the deadliest threats you’ll find out there!

Today we’re exploring… the Caiman!

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caiman-amazonCaiman are very similar to alligators, although they’re much larger, often over 4 metres long!

There are four different species of these Amazonian reptiles, but they all have in common sharp teeth and a wicked smile!

Make sure to keep a look out and avoid their nests, which are mounds of grass, twigs and mud. Get too close and they may see you as prey!

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