Amazon Threats: Jaguar

There's a brand new book in the The Worst-Case Scenario series out now called Amazon!

WorseCaseScenarioAmazonThere’s a brand new book in the The Worst-Case Scenario series out now called Amazon!

Published by Chronicle Books, these books are really exciting because you’re the main character!

This time you’re exploring the Amazon jungle with a group of students. Safe to say in a place like this you’re going to end up in some dangerous situations that will require your quick thinking to get through them safely.

You’ll definitely find things tough though. There are twenty-two endings to this adventure, but just ONE will lead to the ultimate success!

The Worst-Case Scenario: Amazon is out now – click here to find out more and order a copy!

And to help you handle the dangers of the Amazon, we’ve put together some factfiles on the deadliest threats you’ll find out there!

Today we’re exploring… the Jaguar!

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Jaguar-AmazonThese big cats, either spotted or all black, have a powerful bite – so strong they can pierce the shells of armoured reptiles!

Jaguars are the largest of South America’s big cats and the third largest cats in the world.

They were once very important in ancient Native American cultures with people believing they could protect them against evil.

If you do come across a Jaguar spread your arms out, make noises and make yourself look as big and threatening as possible. Hopefully it’ll see you as too much hassle and go away.

Whatever you do don’t turn or run. This will just make it want to chase you down – and you won’t outrun it!

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