Week 6: Stay Safe

This week's missions are all to do with staying safe while out and about!

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Mission 4: Underwater Dangers

All this week we're completing missions about staying safe while you're out and about! Today we're finding out what underwater dangers lurk in quarries with Charlie Crow...

Meet Charlie Crow

He’s a crow that lives near a huge quarry and is always telling people why they are such dangerous places to play.

Watch this video about the underwater dangers of quarry lakes…

After that you should know a bit more about the dangers that might lie under the water.

So I know quarries are dangerous because of falling rocks, steep cliffs and quicksand – but how is swimming in water dangerous?

The water in quarries is not like the water in your local swimming pool.

At a swimming pool there’s plenty of people and a life guard around to help you out if you get into trouble – in a quarry there’s no one to help you.

Swimming pools are also made to swim in, that means that the temperature is nice and it’s cleaned regularly – there’s no one checking the temperature of a quarry lake and cleaning it.

This means that the lakes can be super cold!

If the water’s too cold then your muscles can cramp up making it impossible to swim.

The lakes are usually also a lot deeper than they look which means that you can be out of your depth in no time.

Quarry lakes also often have old machinery in them which can really hurt you or weeds that you can get caught in and trap you!

And if that’s not enough then sometimes the water in quarries gets sucked up by huge pumps that can suck you under the water.

Are there any other dangerous waters to watch out for?

Well you shouldn’t be swimming in lakes or rivers unless you’re with an adult that says it’s safe.

Rivers can have strong currents that you can’t always fight (just like the pumps in quarry lakes).

Lakes and rivers can also have old junk under the water like old bikes and cars that can hurt you or trap you.

Where can I swim?

If you want to swim then ask an adult where the nearest safe place is to swim – your local swimming pool is usually your best bet!

Your mission is to complete this quiz…

Check back tomorrow for another mission all about staying safe when you’re out and about!

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Week 6: Stay Safe

This week's missions are all to do with staying safe while out and about!

More From Week 6: Stay Safe