Clangers start Clangers for Kindness campaign for World Kindness Day!

The Clangers want to make our planet as kind as theirs!

It’s World Kindness Day on the 13th November and it’s celebrated worldwide to spread a little joy and kindness in people’s lives.

There can never be enough kindness in the world and you can get involved – with the Clangers for Kindness campaign.

Clangers is a top rated TV show. The family of knitted mouse-like creatures came to life in the late 60s and the brand-new series (launched last year) is just as popular!

The Clangers are really kind and they’re behind a campaign to spread kindness on our planet too!

Do you know someone who’s done something really kind to you or for someone else? Is there a kindness star in your life?

Tell your stories on Twitter or Instagram using #clangersforkindness.

And if you’re looking for gifts this Christmas, there are plenty of Clangers toys and products now available from Boots and other selected retailers.

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