Crackerjack! With Sam & Mark Is Coming To TV

And here's some things you should know about it...

What is Crackerjack!?

Crackerjack! Is a magazine show, that means that instead of it all being one thing – like ‘The Demon Headmaster’ or ‘The Wonderland’ – it’s lots of different things. Crackerjack! has magic, comedy, games and funny sketches all rolled into one.

Why is it so special?

Crackerjack! is special because it used to be super famous and on TV years ago. I bet if you ask you’re parents about it they’ll know all about it. The show was on TV from 1955 until 1984… that’s 29 years!

Crackerjack! in the 1950s

This is why everyone is getting excited about Crackerjack!, it’s a show that lots of people used to like in the past.

Who is presenting it?

Sam and Mark are presenting the new Crackerjack! They’ve done lots of kids TV and have been on Fun Kids before, so you might recognise them.

Tell me something cool about Crackerjack!

Crackerjack! has plenty of games that the audience can play to win prizes. Crackerjack! was famous for giving out money-can’t-buy pencils to its winners and cabbages to it’s losers!

Can I see a clip from the new show?

Why not! Check out this sketch from the new series…

When is Crackerjack! on?

It’s on every Friday at 6pm and available on the BBC iPlayer.

I want to know more!

Then make sure you listen to Dan talking to Sam and Mark all about it:

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