New TV shows from Amazon this autumn!

You might love some of these!

Amazon Prime Video have just launched a load of cool new exclusive TV shows and we think you’re going to love them!

There are new live-action shows including A Kid Called MayonnaiseSkyward and Will vs. The Future which even includes Kevin Seccia from Kung Fu Panda!

The best bit? You actually get your say on what gets made! These are all pilot episodes, meaning the people who make them are testing them out to see if people love them.

If you do and you want to see more of them, say so! You could help select the next Amazon Original Series. Tumble Leaf, Niko and the Sword of Light, and Just Add Magic were all made in the same way.

A Kid Called Mayonnaise

Mayo is a quiet 11 year old who lives with his mum at a cheap motel in LA, in America.

The motel is filled with dreamers and misfits but Mayo has his sights set on making friends with the enigmatic Birthday Girl!

Together with his neighbour Candy, Mayo goes on an adventure in search of a like-minded friend.


Skyward focuses on Piper and Curtis, who live across the street from each other in Wildwood and have been BFFs since kindergarten.

They’re like brother and sister. They love each other. They hate each other. But after an unusual childhood experience, Piper became obsessed with UFOs!

Now 13, they have begun documenting their secret world of the unexplained by doing a podcast from the attic of an unfinished house…

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Despite their different points of view, they can’t help but become intrigued by the tales of callers from their show.

They then begin to investigate the strange and unexplained things that seem to be taking over their town.

However, they don’t go at it alone…

Will vs. The Future

Will Jones is an average, slightly ordinary 12-year-old, just trying to finish his project for the science fair.

Suddenly, he’s visited by Athena, a tough fearless girl from the future!

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To Will’s disbelief, Athena tells him she’s traveled back in time to prevent him from turning into the world’s biggest villain in 30 years.

Using her knowledge of future events, Athena helps Will make tiny decisions that will have a big impact later on down the line.

However, in the present, Will just can’t understand why Athena insists he stop talking to his best friend Hailey, stand up to the school bully, and abandon his project just days before the science fair…

With a combination of instinct and information from Athena, Will has to navigate the pitfalls of middle school all while making sure he doesn’t grow up to destroy the world.

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