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Fact File

Middle name: Lloyd

Birthday: 18 December, 1991

Famous for: Being mates with Alfie Deyes!


He crashed a Segway

“I went flying in the middle of the road and landed on my elbow and cut my whole arm up.”

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His fave place

“London is my favourite city in the world.”

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Super embarrassing things always happen to him!

“I was in a massive buffet dinner place. I was standing there with a tray and a plate and drink on it. I bent down to get something and my whole tray went flying. It was a massive, massive restaurant and everyone was turning to look!”


He doesn’t do colourful

“I need to buy some colourful summer stuff, but I just like black white and grey clothes too much.”

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He doesn’t take himself seriously! (obvs)

“Looool when people comment saying my singing is bad, as if I actually think I can think I can sing!”

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He eats too much chicken!

“You know you go to Nando’s too much when then man serving says: you guys come almost every day.”


His star sign is…

Sagittarius! Thought to be the happiest sign of the zodiac! Awww.

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Youtube. He loves his job!

“What more could you want? Doing something you love, and now it’s your job. It’s really awesome.”

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