Download the free Fun Kids Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics tracker

Follow the Olympics with this free Tokyo Tracker!

Over 10,000 athletes from over 200 countries will go head-to-head in over 300 events across some 33 sports
during the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, being held this year in Tokyo, Japan.

We’ve made a Tokyo Tracker to help you mark events you’ve seen or might be interested in trying out yourself one day!

You can tick off sports you like, ones you might like to try and keep track of your favourite countries and how they’re doing in the DIY Medal Table.

The tracker has dates of the Opening and Closing ceremonies plus the names of all the sports divided into groups and solos.

It also has a quick craft tip too – Create your own rosettes and award them to athletes you see compete, or people in your personal life that you think deserve some sportsman like recognition.

Download the tracker here!

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