Amazing Olympic facts for Rio 2016!

Impress your pals with this awesome trivia!

The Olympics in Rio has begun!

Every four years the best sportspeople from ALL over the world come together to compete.

There’s SO much going on and everyone is talking about it. So here are some awesome facts to impress your pals with…

Team GB are the only team to have won a gold medal at every games!

Ever since the first modern Olympic games in 1896, Team GB have won at least one gold medal in every games!

No one else has!

The American swimmer Michael Phelps has won an incredible 23 medals!

That’s way, way more than any other athlete ever.

In fact, it’s so many that if Michael Phelps was a country all by himself he’d be level with Argentina in the all-time rankings at 35th!

The smallest nation at the 2016 games is the South Pacific Island of Tuvalu!

They have only one athlete at the games,Β Etimoni Timuani, who will be competing in the 100m men’s sprint!

Rio 2016 is the first summer games to take place in winter!

(It is a winter in Brazil however. It doesn’t look THAT chilly to us).

The youngest competitor at the games is just 13!

Nepal’s Gaurika Singh will be taking part in the 100m backstroke. Not a bad way to spend your summer holidays hey?!

The Olympic champion Β with the longest ever name is:Β Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon!

She won gold in the weightlifting at the Beijing games in 2008!

Steve Redgrave is a total Olympic legend!

In 2000, he became the first athlete to win 5 gold medals in 5 Olympics in a row! (In a row, get it?).

Golf is back!

For the first time in a whopping 112 years, golf will be returning as an Olympic sport!

Beards are banned in the boxing!

You won’t spot any hairy faces in the ring in Rio!

Horses have their own special planes!

It’s a long way for the horses to travel for the Olympic games so they get their very own special planes to make the journey as comfortable as possible!

Check out this amazing video of Olympic opening ceremonies through history…

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