Episode 14: Top Trumps!

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

EnnUh oh, ENN and GEE are stuck on our planet – a long way from their home on Planet Zog.

They’ll need energy to get home – and lots of it!

Now where on earth are they going to find energy?

Which is the best?  The most exceptional energy of all?


Wind turbines are cheap – they don’t pollute the environment and wind power is sustainable – you’ll never run out of wind!

Except when there isn’t any!  One problem is that if there’s no wind on a particular day – well your turbine isn’t going to be making much electricity.  Also you need a LOT of turbines to get a reasonable amount!


What about a good old-fashioned power station?

Burning up all that fossil fuel – oil, coal and gas to produce lots of lovely energy!

Yeah yeah, I know, all that stuff’s gonna run out at some point in time – and it’s not great for the planet.

There’s always nuclear power stations.

They can make a tremendous amount of energy from quite a small station.

But the nuclear material can be harmful and a lot of money needs to be spent making sure it is disposed of carefully.

Agua Verm080

What about hydro power?

That’s pretty cool stuff – using the power of oceans and rivers to make energy!

Or Biomass! Using trees and recycling old materials – recycling’s always good right?

No one type of energy has got all the answers, the best thing to do is use a mix of all these ways to generate energy!

Enn and Gee’s Energy Challenge – with the National Grid’s Bringing Energy to Life programme!


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