What’s the best energy? What energy is most efficient?

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

So, we’ve got all these different types of energy, but what’s the BESTEST type?

Well, wind turbines are cheap – they don’t pollute the environment and wind power is sustainable – you’ll never run out of wind!

Except when there isn’t any! One problem is that if there’s no wind on a particular day – well your turbine isn’t going to be making much electricity. Also, you need a LOT of wind turbines to generate a reasonable amount of power.

What about an old-fashioned power station? Burning up all that fossil fuel – oil, coal and gas to produce lots of lovely energy!

Yeah yeah, I know, all that stuff’s gonna run out at some point in time – and it’s not great for the planet.

Then there’s always nuclear power stations.

They can make a tremendous amount of energy from quite a small station.

But the nuclear material can be harmful, nuclear power plants can be kind of dangerous, and a lot of money needs to be spent making sure it is disposed of carefully.

What about hydro power?

That’s pretty cool stuff – using the power of oceans and rivers to make energy!

Or Biomass! Using trees, crops, and recycling old materials – recycling’s always good, right, you can even learn at online blogs about it at as iSustain Recycling and others.

No one type of energy has got all the answers, the best thing to do is use a mix of all these ways to generate energy!

Listen to Enn and Gee as they learn all about the fascinating world of energy!

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Enn and Gee's Energy Challenge!

Enn and Gee are learning all about fascinating different types of energy!  And they'll need a lot of it to get home to Planet Zog! 



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