Episode 8: Renewables

Learn all about the fascinating world of energy with Enn and Gee!

EnnUh oh, ENN and GEE are stuck on our planet – a long way from their home on Planet Zog.

They’ll need energy to get home – and lots of it!

Now where on earth are they going to find energy?

As well as being really icky for the environment, fossil fuels like gas and coal will run out eventually!

Are there any types of energy that won’t run out?

There are other ways to make energy that are less polluting, do not contribute to global warming and which are sustainable.


These types of energy are called renewable because they can last indefinitely. Examples of renewable energy include wind turbines and solar power.

The wind moves the turbine which is a machine which changes the energy from the movement into a steady stream of electrical energy.


Humans are beginning to use wind power more and more, and not just because wind is everywhere and free.

Well you can’t put a power station near every town but you might be able to place wind turbines close by.  That makes it a lot easier to get the electricity into people’s homes!

Because they use less energy shoving the electricity around, there’s more for people to use.

Humans are trying to cut the pollution from fossil fuels and wind will help them get there.

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