Nicola Tesla

He was an electrical and mechanical engineer


teslaWho was he? Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-America born in 1856. He was an electrical and mechanical engineer.

What did he do? During his life he was an absolutely prolific inventor and engineer, making major strides forward in the areas of electricity, radio and X-Rays to name just a few.

Engineering claim to fame? Believe it or not, even though Tesla lived over a hundred years ago, something he helped developed is still used by you every single day. That’s because Tesla contributed to the development of alternating current (AC) electricity supply – it is the electrical system used to get power to your home. So without Tesla you wouldn’t have electric lights at home, be able to play video games or listen to Fun Kids!

Back to the drawing board? Tesla was incredibly inventive, never afraid to try something new. He even worked on ideas for teleportation, death rays and time travel! You might not be hugely surprised to hear none of them worked!

Fascinating Fact? Tesla had an amazing mind – he could speak 8 languages and had the ability to memorise huge amounts of information for example whole books!

Where can you find out more? You can visit a whole museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, Serbia. Click here to find out more!

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