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Let’s Explore the Building!

What’s it like working on the radio? How do the voices you hear on the radio get there ... and who cuts Dan’s hair? We're on a mission to show you what it’s like... Inside the Radio Station

Radio stations come in all shapes and sizes.  There are literally hundreds of radio stations across the UK – from hospital, student and community stations to commercial stations like Fun Kids.  And let’s not forget the BBC.  Whilst they all vary in size, most radio stations have pretty similar set-ups. 

To give you an idea of what it’s like inside a radio station, we thought we’d give you some behind the scenes access, and give you a bit of a tour… and show you inside the Fun Kids radio station! 

Starting with the building and the studios – we can see how we choose the music and put together the different shows, and meet some of the amazing people who work here!

The Fun Kids building is in an area of London called Holborn.  Everything happens from here, it’s like our mission control!

The reception area at the front of the building is where staff and guests arrive…and also where the post is sorted – including lots of nice letters from you, books for Bex to read, and some top secret competition prizes!

Fun Kids HQ has got lots of floors, but Fun Kids only takes up the bottom floor, and there are other companies on the other floors. 

That’s often the way in cities where there’s a lot of businesses and not much space – although a larger radio station may have a whole building to themselves. 

One thing that all radio stations tend to have in common… is a main office. In our office, the first person you’ll see is Georgia!

Georgia is in charge of competitions, although she does a bunch of other things too.  That’s often the way in radio – jobs can overlap a bit because it’s a creative place to be.

There’s loads of other cool people in the main office! There’s Adam who works on the website, Paul and Meg who look after our social media.  There’s also Jack who’s one of our producers.

 Oh, and in the corner is where you’ll find Gregory – he’s the Fun Kids boss.  We have to be on our best behaviour when he’s around!  It’s handy to have everyone together so we can share ideas and ask questions easily.

Lots of radio stations have a newsroom.  They can be busy places with journalists looking for a hot story.  They might be talking to people on the phone or searching online.  Lucky for us at Fun Kids, we have Robot who can give us all the information we need.

We have cosy meeting rooms – it’s a quiet place to get together with people that are working for us, or for guests to wait for their interviews.  There’s even a fridge with cold drinks and some snacks.  Yum!

Go round the corner and you’re outside the heart of the radio station – the studios themselves! 

To get into the studios, you need to go through a big door – but only when the iconic ON AIR light is off.  The ON AIR light is turned on whenever a presenter switches the microphone on.  That way everyone knows that something is being recorded and they shouldn’t come in and disturb them… or it might mess it up!

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Discover something amazing! See what you can find...

More From Fun Kids Learn