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Back slip!

When I was younger I was trying to do a back flip off the edge of the sofa. I didn’t quite get it right and kneed myself in the eye. I had a black eye for weeks! The worst part was everyone asked how I did it and I had to tell them.

Lemar, The Next Steps


Fizzy fail!

One day, I was at the cinema with my friends when I got really excited by the film and split my fizzy drink all over my lap. After the movie, I had to walk home with wet pants looking like I’d weed myself, yikes!

Amy, 12


Singing Shame!

When I was in year 5, there was a little garden in my primary school. I stood up on the bench, took my top off and spun it round my head singing Grease Lightning. The whole school laughed at me – it was really embarrassing!

Mikey, Only The Young


Trip-up trauma!

Me and my friend were playing a game outside when she stepped on my lace. I tripped over and fell flat on my face with made everyone laugh out loud! To make things worse, she also tripped over and fell on top of me

Iman, 11

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