MOTD MAG: Interview with Andros Townsend!

The Prem winger who loves FIFA!

Who do you play as on FIFA?

Andros says: “I’ve always been Real Madrid, but FIFA 16 was really the first time I’ve played as Barcelona. I like the way they play and Messi, Suarez and Neymar up front are deadly and dangerous. From now on, Barca are my team!”

Be honest – do you ever choose to play as yourself?

Andros says: “Definitely! I’m straight in the team. Set-piece taker, captain – everything! The ball goes to me and I’m the main man!”

Do you look out for your rating in the game?

Andros says: “I think that’s the first thing you do – and then you go on social media and moan that it’s not good enough!”

Which of your stats do you want improved?

Andros says: “The shooting stats! The pace is all right, it’s the shooting which can be improved!”

And the way you look on it?

Andros says: “Yeah, that’s fine. I’ve got less hair now than I had last year, so hopefully that’s been changed now!”

Who’s the best team-mate you’ve played on FIFA?

Andros says: “I played Harry Kane at the FIFA 15 launch. I was giving it all the talk but he beat me 4-0! He’s not that good, but I was having a bad day. It was a new game and things weren’t working for me! If I had a rematch now, it goes without saying I’d win!”


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