MOTD Mag: Can the Freestlye World Champion do it again?

UK’s No.1 freestyler Andrew Henderson talks tricks, tips and how he’ll shock the world this weekend!

Hi Andrew! Are you ready for the UK Championships on Saturday?

Andrew says: “Absolutely! I was working with Neymar and Ronaldo recently, so I have to fit in training around things like that. I’ve got a new secret trick that will shock the world!”

You’ve won your last 17 freestyle finals – what’s your secret?

Andrew says: “Being creative is key. Some guys run out of tricks by the quarter-final stage and repeat moves – which you lose marks for. As the competition goes on, I get stronger!”

How many hours of practice do you put in each day?

Andrew says: “It varies! I try to get in around three to five hours a day every week. You have to treat this like a professional sport if you want to be the best. It’s difficult but I love it!”

You must be the keepy-up king! What’s your all-time record?

Andrew says: “I’m not sure really – but the longest that I’ve ever done keepy-ups for was five hours and then my phone ran out of memory during filming. I did it in my bedroom – ha!”

What’s a good trick for a new wannabe freestyler to start with?

Andrew says: “A trick called the rocket launcher – the ball is on the floor between your ankles and you squeeze, bend your knees, jump and catch the ball in your hands!”

What advice would you give to kids who want to be freestylers?

Andrew says: “Go outside and give it a go. Just make sure you’re patient. The tricks don’t come right away. It takes hard work and practice, but anyone can become a freestyler!”

Andrew will defend his title for the sixth time at the Freestyle Football Federation’s UK & Ireland Freestyle Football Championship in Edinburgh on 2-3 July. Find out more about the event at

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