MOTD MAG: Exclusive interview with Danny Rose!

The England left-back tells MOTD mag how he’ll prepare for Wales!

Hi Danny, tell us what the England changing room is like before big games!

Danny says: “Everyone’s getting ready and doing different things. We have music on in the dressing room – but some people still prefer to listen to their own iPods and music!”

How will the lads prepare for the crunch match against Wales?

Danny says: “The week before we’ll prepare for the game. We work on team shape and have tactics meetings. The boss talks about what’s happened in the past and what he wants you to do in the future!”

Have the team got anything planned for goal celebrations?

Danny says: “We might organise something once everyone’s together, but I’ve not heard of anything yet!”

Who do you think will win the Golden Boot at the Euros?

Danny says: “I’ve got to go for Harry Kane! He’s an unbelievable finisher and after the season he’s had, it’d be silly to say anyone else!”

Imagine if you did score, Danny – what would that be like?

Danny says: “I’d be in shock for ten minutes, I wouldn’t know where to run! I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with something!”

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